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Is some jaw pain and popping normal?

Because TMJ dysfunction is so common, many people actually believe that it is normal to have some jaw pain or even clicking and popping joints. When you hear a noisy jaw, it generally means that the condyle (the ball-part of the joint) is catching on a small disc inside the joint. The catching motion can lead to a pop, click, or can even lock the jaw open or closed.

Yawning and overextending the jaw is fairly common and may be a one-time occurrence. Regular joint popping and clicking warrants a visit to your Central Hong Kong TMJ dentist. At Dr. William Cheung & Associates, we will examine the joints to make sure that they move freely without catching or popping.

Having jaw pain can stem from TMJ disease or exhausted muscles. Any muscle that gets a workout can be sore. Jaw muscles can become sore from overworking at night because of teeth grinding or clenching. Overworked muscles get bigger, and jaw muscles are no different. If you notice your jaw muscles getting bigger or even looking square or boxy, it might be time for a jaw exam to determine if bruxism (teeth grinding) is the cause.

If you experience jaw pain or popping jaw joints, give us a call. We warmly welcome new patients.

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