Children's Dentistry

At Dr. William Cheung & Associates, we warmly welcome children to our dental practice and start seeing kids around the age of two or three, when they are more likely to sit still and cooperate with their dental team. Of course, parents are always welcome to bring their younger children to prepare them for their own appointment.

Effective pediatric dentistry begins by caring for expecting mothers. Our dentists will go over helpful tips during pregnancy to benefit both the mother and child. Since pregnancy gingivitis is common, we recommend that expecting moms maintain their own regular dental appointments and let our dentists know if puffy or painful gums become a problem. Sometimes, more frequent dental cleanings are necessary during pregnancy to keep both mom and baby healthy.

Early Childhood Dentistry

In addition to monitoring oral health, early pediatric dental visits also aim to help children become familiar with the dental office and learn about their teeth. We strive to make these early visits fun and interactive for kids to help them develop positive attitudes about dentistry, which can have a lifelong impact on their health.

Routine Dental Check-Ups and Teeth Cleanings

Dental exams provide an opportunity for our dentists to monitor the eruption of children’s teeth and to identify any potential problems with disease or development. Our dentists will communicate and partner with parents to ensure that your children’s smiles stay healthy between visits.

Dental cleanings remove tartar and bacteria that collect between dental appointments. We will also incorporate digital imaging when needed for accurate diagnosis and to show parents any conditions right in our treatment rooms.

Fluoride Application

Supplemental fluoride has been shown to promote healthy enamel in both children and adults and to prevent dental decay for all age groups. We will discuss fluoride varnish when children (or parents!) might benefit from additional cavity protection.

Teeth Sealants

Teeth sealants are a protective barrier dentists place in the deep grooves of the teeth to keep out food particles and decay-causing bacteria. Made of a flowable, tooth-colored material, we simply paint on the sealants and cure them with a special light to harden them. 

How long dental sealants last depends on eating and teeth grinding habits. They can be replaced periodically when necessary.

Fillings for Kids

Dental decay is relatively common among children of all ages (and their parents too). For small cavities, we can place a direct filling in a single dental appointment to protect and seal the tooth. Larger instances of decay may require indirect fillings or crowns made in a dental laboratory to protect your child’s teeth.

Baby teeth provide guidance for your child’s future permanent teeth and are important for proper development, speech, and eating a healthy diet.

We Welcome Families

We invite you to contact our Hong Kong dental practice to book a pediatric dental appointment for your child. Our dental team strives to provide comprehensive, gentle dentistry for each member of your family.