Dental Mirror

Do you use 3-D imaging?

We provide a variety of diagnostic dental imaging in our Hong Kong CBD dental office, including 3-D CBCT imagining.

3-D CBCT – When planning dental implants, orthodontics, or surgical procedures, a 3-D view of the teeth, bone, and surrounding sinuses and other biological landmarks is a valuable part of the planning process.

Other types of dental imaging:

Digital x-rays – Rather than using traditional film x-rays, we have opted to use digital sensors and x-rays. The image appears instantly on the treatment room monitors for our dentists to use for diagnosis.

Panoramic x-rays – A panoramic x-ray moves around the head to capture a comprehensive view of the teeth, bone, and jaw joints. Panoramic x-rays are often used for evaluating wisdom teeth and evaluating bone. They can also assist in the identification of cysts, tumors, and locating sinus cavities while planning for dental implants.

Intraoral camera – If you have ever tried to look inside to see your own teeth, you probably realized how challenging it can be to see a detailed view. We use intraoral cameras as a teaching tool to show patients what our dentists see when they look in your mouth. Intraoral cameras can also provide detailed images to monitor changes in oral health.

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