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Why would I need a crown after root canal treatment?

While having root canal therapy combined with a dental filling or crown can seem like heroic efforts to save a single tooth, we would like to explain why we strive to preserve natural teeth whenever possible.

Tooth loss can lead to bone loss because there is no longer a reason for the underlying bone to regenerate. When bone loss occurs, it can sometimes destabilize the foundation of adjacent or opposing teeth. Keeping natural teeth is often less costly and invasive than replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant.

When a tooth undergoes root canal treatment, the nourishment it received from the body stops. This sometimes means that the tooth can become more brittle and susceptible to cracks and fractures. A dental crown encases a troubled tooth and absorbs much of the force caused by chewing. When our dentists perform a root canal, on a molar tooth especially, they may recommend a dental crown to protect it.

We offer tooth crowns in a variety of materials from full gold crowns to natural-looking tooth-colored crowns. We can discuss the benefits and limitations of each at your dental appointment.

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